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Roaming Coffee

Updated: Mar 10

As seen in the APeeling January 2020 Issue - Written by Shannon Peel

There is no doubt that Vancouverites love their coffee, all one has to do is take a walk to discover we have a healthy coffee culture and a variety of coffee house options on almost every corner.

In 2015, Benny Doro saw a need in Vancouver for a European style mobile coffee shop to bring our favourite beverages to places where coffee shops were not readily available.

He found a small sleek van and had it outfitted with an industrial espresso machine, a Cummings generator, a sink, and fridge, along with everything else one needs to make great tasting coffee.

Over the last four years the van has served coffee on movie sets, on site TV sets, at markets, in parking lots, on the street, and in industrial parks.

To learn about the company, I spent some time serving coffee and handing out their delicious banana bread to employees of an industrial plant. It was fun getting to know the guys as they started their work day with a coffee, a treat, and a smile.

It really is the ‘extra’ little things we do to make someone else happy, which makes the world a better place. The great thing about this little van is it brings smiles to others in the form of coffee and pastry.

Coffee always makes me smile, what about you?

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