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Chef Prepared Meals Delivered

No Shopping  |   No Cooking  |   No Cleaning

Healthy Meals Ready in Minutes. Heat and Eat!

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  • Ready to heat and eat meals in your fridge

  • Choose from weekly new menu options

  • Flavourful chef created dishes

  • No contact delivery once or twice a week
  • Portioned meals for all lifestyles

  • Dedicated Customer Service Team

  • Locally owned and operated in Burnaby, BC

  • Cancel or pause membership - no charge

Save Time

All Your Meals is for people who want to eat healthy food without sacrificing taste and don't want to cook every meal. Our Chef designs recipes to create dishes which you can heat and eat without losing the fresh taste of daily cooking.

Meals are prepared in our Burnaby, BC Kitchen

Eat Healthy Meals


  • Grab and eat breakfast items

  • Quick pack healthy lunches to heat and eat at work

  • Heat and eat healthy dinners 

  • Healthy delicious snacks

  • Proportioned meals to help with weight management


Menu Sneak Peek 

Each week we change our 25 item menu. These photos are a few of the items we've served our customers. 

How it Works

1. Become an All Your Meals Subscriber - see below to get started

2. Every week you receive an email with a link to the next week's menu

3. You choose the items you want delivered to you

4. Once or Twice a week your chosen meals are delivered to you

* You can cancel or pause your membership at any time - No Charge 

Flexibility and Choices



Low Carb


Lifestyle Choices

Protein Choices

No Dairy

No Gluten

No Eggs

No Soy

No Nuts

Dietary Choices

Plans and Pricing

Whether you don't want to cook, want grab and go lunches to heat up at work, or you want to eat dinners you wouldn't cook for yourself because you're single, our meal plans offer you options. Compared to ordering from restaurants, our meals are cheaper and healthier.

8 - 14 Meals

Delivery once or twice a week

Delivery charge $7.00 

Individual and Family Sizes

$12 - $15  

per Meal

15 - 21 Meals

Delivery once or twice a week

Delivery charge $7.00 

$10 - $13  

per Meal

Individual and Family Sizes

24 - 28 Meals

Delivery once or twice a week

Delivery charge $7.00 

$9 - $12  

per Meal

Individual and Family Sizes

See below for information on our Frozen Meal Delivery Division




Earn free food and cash

Every week choose from 25 dishes 

Weekly changing menu items

Weekly meal delivery

Pause orders when going away

Cancel at anytime

Introductory Offer

Receive 50% off your first week of meals

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