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The AYF Brands


All Your Meals is a subscription fresh meal service located in Burnaby and delivering fresh meals to the Lower Mainland of BC. The production kitchen creates healthy meals which will hold up during delivery and won't lose any flavour when heated up. Our members choose what type of menu they want delivered to them on a regular basis, the kitchen cooks the meals and assembles them in reheatable take out containers. Customers choose whether they want our last mile delivery service to bring them their meals once or twice a week to ensure they are getting the freshest experience possible.


Roaming Coffee is a mobile barista service in BC's Lower Mainland. The cafe van is equipped with an industrial espresso machine, sink, fridge, and a generator so their baristas can fulfill customers on site orders. For indoor functions, they provide the location with a barista, an industrial espresso machine, and everything needed to prepare espresso beverages on site. Roaming Coffee provides cafe service to large private events, corporate events, industrial parks, and film sets. In addition to espresso, they serve pastries and sandwiches to give the full cafe experience anywhere it is wanted.

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All Your Catering is a division of All Your Foods. All Your Catering provides individually packaged and buffet style meals for corporate events, office lunch or dinners, and film industry sets. Clients choose from a menu of choices to facilitate the dietary needs and taste preferences of their people. The kitchen prepares the meals and packages them either in individual take out containers or as a full service buffet. 

Eat Real Meals is a partner of All Your Meals. Eat Real Meals produces homemade style comfort foods like lasagna, english cottage pie, and chicken pot pie, along with soups and chilis. Customers with dietary restrictions are provided with vegetarian and gluten friendly options. The kitchen packages these dishes in either individual portioned containers or family portioned packaging before flash freezing. The frozen meals are delivered to homes twice a week for customers to enjoy when they need a quality meal in a short period of time. 

Pacific Cloud Delivery is the delivery division for All Your Foods. The trucks and drivers deliver food to businesses, food industry companies, catering clients, and home delivery customers.  They are a last mile delivery service from Hope to Whistler.

All Your Catering
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Meal Kraft is a trusted food delivery platform amongst individuals that want to consume healthy food, but don’t have the time to prepare them. The company offers high-quality meals prepared using natural ingredients sourced from local and sustainable suppliers. MealKraft takes care of the entire food preparation process including prepping, cooking, and cleaning.

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Proudly serving North Carolina for a long time, Chop & Chisel delivers the highest quality of chef-prepared meals. The company offers a weekly menu of 25+ chef-prepared offerings

delivered fresh to people’s doorsteps twice a week. New breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack selections are available every week. Chop & Chisel customers can create a dietary profile to share their food preferences and restrictions. Each meal provides one serving portion for one person (500 to 800 balanced calories each meal). With no long term commitment, Chop & Chisel makes it easy for its customers to skip or cancel meals.

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